10 awesome things to do on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast. Even the name itself conjures images of surf, sun and fun, but there’s even more to this wondrous city than that exciting trio. It’s nigh-on impossible to become bored in this corner of Australia, especially if you hold the keys to an unlimited-kilometres rental car. That’s because the Gold Coast is surrounded by a raft of things to see and do, so fire up your engine and set off on a golden adventure.

Here are 10 things to get you started.

Become a beach bum

The Gold Coast features no less than 57 kilometres of shimmering coastline, according to Tourism Australia, so take your pick! Wax down your surfboard, lay down your towel or simply suck on an ice cream – the beach is what Australia’s all about!

Grab a bargain at the Village Markets

Every Sunday at Burleigh Heads, market traders try to yell louder than their peers in an effort to grab your attention, and perhaps a few of your dollars. A little further along, Carrara Markets boasts a huge 500 stalls – you’re sure to find what you’re looking for over there (and perhaps a few things you aren’t!)

Put your extreme head on

Beach life isn’t all about catching rays and surfing. Head a little further out and ride impossibly fast jet skis across the waves, or get in a spin on a jet boat ride.

Get out of your tree

The rainforests sprawled around the Gold Coast are enchanting on ground level, but how about 15 metres up? There’s a tree top walkway spanning nine suspension bridges here, leading to an observation deck some 30 metres above the ground.

Life is a roller coaster

Just got to ride it! There are several world-class theme parks on the Gold Coast, each different to the last. Dare you take on the some of the world’s fastest rollercoasters?

Take a hint

The hinterland around the Gold Coast is one well worth exploring. There are two World Heritage rainforests, Lamington and Springbrook, which are home to an imposing volcano and a cascading waterfall.

Watch some whales

There are few places better in Australia than the Gold Coast to watch whales. Legions of looming humpbacks stream through the east coast of the land Down Under between May and November each year, giving you plenty of opportunity to spot one.

Hit the clubs

Want to cut loose? The nightclubs around Cavill and Orchid Avenues are positively booming at the weekends (and often weekdays!), each offering a different musical vibe.

Ride a hot air balloon

Want to get even higher that the treetops? There are several opportunities to take a spectacular hot air balloon ride above the Gold Coast, offering unrivalled views.

Glow with the flow

Under the natural bridge found in the hinterland, you’ll find an enchanting glow worm cave, reminiscent of the starry night Gold Coast sky itself.