50 things not to be missed in Australia | Ace Rental Cars

Australia is the only nation on the planet that is a continent all by itself. With over 7.5 million square kilometres of land space, though with a population of just 23 million, it has developed into one of the most unique, fascinating places on Earth.

On your next Australian road trip holiday, make sure to try some of these ideas.

Australian Convict Sites

Eleven different World Heritage sites from Aussie’s penal history, including the Hyde Park Barracks, Cockatoo Island and Fremantle Prison.

Australian War Memorial, ACT

A fascinating war memorial and museum, featuring the stories of Australia’s fallen heroes.

Babinda boulders, QLD

Unique boulders with a calm pool to swim in.


You can’t visit Oz without hitting the beach. Drive to Bondi in Sydney, Hyams in Jervis Bay (which has the world’s whitest sand, Guinness Book of World Records) or the less-visited Lucky Bay, near Esperance.

Blue Mountains National Park, NSW

This World Heritage-listed park is just next to Sydney, and offers a breathtaking natural experience.

Burning Mountain, NSW

A naturally burning underground coal seam, estimated to have started 5,500 years ago, according to the NSW Parks and Wildlife Service.

Camel riding

Tired of horses? Try camel riding at locations such as Cable Beach, Flinders Ranges or Noosa.

Capricorn Caves, QLD

Astonishing above-ground caves, dating back hundreds of millions of years.

Coop’s Shot Tower, VIC

The once-tallest tower in Melbourne, now encased in a giant dome for safety.

Darling Harbour, NSW

Sydney’s famous waterfront nightlife and tourism area.


Australia’s coasts are a diver’s dreamland. Try the Great Barrier and Flinders Reefs, or Fish Rock Cave.

Dolphin watching

This activity is easy here. Visit Monkey Mia, Hervey Bay or Jervis Bay.

Dularcha National Park, QLD

A historic park featuring a popular 120-year-old railway tunnel.

Experience Aboriginal culture

Aboriginal people have been in Australia for at least 50,000 years. Many national parks, festivals and art galleries showcase their culture.

Fraser Island, QLD

One of Australia’s beloved World Heritage gems.

Giant Tingle Tree, WA

The largest living eucalyptus tree in the world (24 metres).

Gold Coast theme parks, QLD

Love theme parks? There are loads in QLD’s Gold Coast.

Great Barrier Reef, QLD

This natural wonder has over 3,000 individual reef systems, just off the coast of Cairns.

Great Ocean Road, VIC

Spanning 243 kilometres from Torquay to Warrnambool, this is the country’s greatest road trip.

Hand-feed kangaroos

Imagine feeding an adorable roo. Taronga Zoo, Moonlit Sanctuary and most other wildlife parks can make this happen.

Hold a koala

Yes – you can hold these fuzzy critters! Pop into Australia Zoo, Wild Life Sydney or Cohunu Koala Park.

Hot air ballooning

See Aussie from above with a relaxing hot air ballooning trip. Most major centres offer them.

Jewel cave, WA

Australia’s largest tourism cave.

Kangaroo Island, SA

Many say this pristine island is “like a zoo without fences”, according to SouthAustralia.com.

Kings Park and Botanic Gardens, WA

One of the world’s largest inner-city parks, home to thousands of unique flora.

Magnetic Hill, SA

An optical illusion. Park your car and watch it roll uphill!

Melbourne Royal Exhibition Building, VIC

First built in 1880, beautifully restored and open for tours.

Melbourne tram, VIC

The fourth-largest tram in the world, and the biggest outside of Europe.

Mount Kosciuszko, NSW

Aussie’s tallest mountain (2,200 metres).

National Museum of Australia, ACT

One of the premiere museums of the country, home to hundreds of thousands of cultural, natural and historical artefacts.

Noosa National Park, QLD

Four thousand hectares of stunning Sunshine Coast wilderness.

Nullarbor Links Golf Course

The world’s longest golf course – 1,365 kilometres!

Pelican feeding, NSW

Drive to The Entrance to see a free daily feeding of these birds.

Penguin Island, WA

Australia’s largest colony of the world’s smallest penguin.

Pink Lake, WA

Literally a bright pink-coloured lake, visible from the sky on Middle Island.

SkyPoint Observation Deck, QLD

Get a 360-degree panorama here on floors 77 and 78 of the world’s fifth-tallest residential tower.

SS Ayrfield, NSW

A rusted above-water shipwreck that has turned into a floating forest.

Sunshine Coast, NSW

Relax just north of Brisbane here, experiencing a mixture of natural and man-made attractions.


For world-class surfing, try the home of brands Rip Curl and Billabong at Torquay, or Boomerang Beach, Surfers Paradise and Lowlands Beach instead.

Sydney Harbour Bridge, NSW

The world’s largest steel arch bridge, according to the Australian government.

Sydney-Melbourne Coastal Drive

An unbeatable multi-day drive, showing off the Tasman Sea, Pacific Ocean and Bass Strait.

Sydney Opera House, NSW

A truly iconic Aussie landmark. Come for a performance, or go behind the scenes on a tour.

Tamworth Country Music Festival, NSW

Australia’s largest music festival.

Taste a local brewery

Craft beer is taking off here in Oz. Sample the delights of 4 Pines, Sydney, Mountain Goat, Richmond and Feral Brewing Company, Baskerville.

The Pinnacles, WA

A desert of dramatic, ancient stone spires.

Try bush tucker

Bush tucker is the traditional food of the Aboriginal people. You can try it on numerous tours around the country.

Wine tasting

Australia is home to 60 different award-winning wine regions, according to Australia.com. Try Margaret River or the Hunter, Clare and Barossa Valleys.

Valley of the Giants, WA

A forest of native trees that grow up to 40 metres tall. A tree top walk is available, and a must-do!

Visit a gaol

Australia’s eerie gaols are excellent, if creepy, attractions. Tour the Old Melbourne, Albany and Adelaide Gaols.

Visit a market

Australia’s cities host numerous colourful, eclectic markets. The largest arts and crafts event can be found in Canberra (Hartley Hall Markets).