7 of Australia's greatest views

Australia is a nation absolutely swathed in gorgeous scenery. From the unending plains of the great Outback desert to the forest-cloaked mountains in New South Wales, there is likely a lookout, walking trail or guided photography tour for everyone in the land Down Under.

It’s probably a good thing that modern SD cards in digital cameras can be loaded with thousands of photos, because you will likely want to take more than you ever have before on your next great Aussie road trip.

To help you find where you should go, we’ve listed some of the best views in the nation right here. Let’s take a look!

Cathedral Rocks, NSW

Head south from Sydney along the Grand Pacific Drive and you’ll find yourself in the spectacular seaside region of Kiama Downs, which is home to truly picture-worthy rock formations. The Cathedral Rocks are worthy of the name, jutting out of the ocean’s waves in dramatic spires.

They can be viewed from the nearby road (Cliff Drive), or by walking along Jones Beach to the north.

Echo Point, NSW

Of course, you can’t leave NSW without road tripping to the immensely popular Blue Mountains. In the southern portion of Katoomba, you’ll find one of the most photographed sights in the national park area, known as the Three Sisters. These are visible from Echo Point, a tourist information centre and car park adjacent to – coincidentally – Cliff Drive.

Great Barrier Reef, QLD

There are few scenic splendours in Australia that boast the same reputation as the Great Barrier Reef, running almost the entire length of Queensland’s coast (3,000 kilometres, to be exact!).

You have countless ways to experience this Natural Wonder (one of only seven in the world), including diving, sailing, helicopter tours, snorkelling and more. Cairns, Port Douglas and Townsville are all excellent towns to start your epic reef journey, though don’t look past the smaller regional areas as well if you want something quieter.

Busselton Jetty, WA

Nestled in Geographe Bay, WA (just over 220 kilometres south of Perth), Busselton is home to the longest timber-piled jetty in the Southern Hemisphere. Busselton Jetty extends almost 2 kilometres into the ocean, has its own railway line to get from one end to the other, and has stood since 1865.

You can get a spectacular view from either the local beach looking out, or from the tip of the pier looking back. Travel site Experience Oz even ranks this spot as having the best sunset in the entire country – and we certainly don’t disagree.

Grampians National Park, VIC

Thinking of adding Melbourne to your road trip holiday plan? Just less than three hours to the northwest is a famous series of sandstone mountains, covered in luminous forests that are teeming with life. We suggest you drive to Mount Williams and walk to the nearly 1,600-metres-tall peak (you can drive a lot of the way up), as this will grant you a 360-degree vista of the entire area, and beyond.

12 Apostles, VIC

We love the 12 Apostles, situated along the Great Ocean Road in Victoria, and we know you will too. These mighty pillars are millions of years old, and can be found on almost every list of ‘great Australian sights’ that has ever existed – you’ll see why when you set eyes upon them.

This is another place you need to visit at dusk, as the both the Apostles themselves and the cliffs that flank them light up in a brilliant show of orange when the sun slowly dips behind the distant horizon.

Little Sahara, SA

Take the ferry to Kangaroo Island and you’ll be able to enjoy the state’s popular in-land sandy desert, the Little Sahara. This is 2 square kilometres of eroded limestone, which has formed into rolling waves of dunes and dips, perfect for a bit of sandboarding.