How to save on car rental on your Australian road trip

According to Nations Encyclopaedia, Australia has 353,331 kilometres worth of paved roads to explore. With sights such as the Great Ocean Road, vast Outback desert and other uniquely Aussie attractions along many of these, it’s a pretty fantastic place to visit on a road trip.

You’re going to want all your hard-earned dosh to spend on tourist attractions, though, right? So how do you save money on car rental for your next tour Down Under?

Think about fuel

Much like the film series Mad Max (shot in Oz, by the way), gasoline is an important asset to your road trip holiday in Australia. This means choosing which rental car you’d like to book based on the distances you intend to travel. An economical car will do well in the city, but something with a bit of longevity is what you want for the highways.

In addition, many car rental companies will charge you per kilometre travelled. To avoid this unnecessary expense, look for a provider who offers unlimited-kilometre car hire, such as Ace Car Rentals.

Return topped up

Though your holiday is generally coming to a close when you return your rental car, there’s one last thing you need to think about before handing over the keys. More often than not, a rental car company will charge you extra if you don’t return your vehicle with a full tank of petrol – usually at a higher cost than the pump price would have been.

Think about the ‘when’

‘What’ you will do on your Australian road trip experience is important, but the ‘when’ is also something to consider. For example, long weekends and school holidays will often see large increases in road traffic, not to mention more expensive hotels and tourist attractions. Some rental car companies offer special deals for during the week, which could save you up to 20 per cent on the cost of hire.

It’s always worth researching the ‘whens’ in advance – just in case.

Relocation deals

Another reason to research your Aussie road trip holiday in advance is due to the fact that sometimes relocation deals are available. These limited-time specials are offered when a company requires some of its fleet to be moved from its drop off point back to the start, and they usually come at an awesome discounted price.

Of course, these are restricted to availability and requirement, and are often snapped up quick. If you are planning to visit Australia to explore our many highways, keep a half eye on your favourite rental car provider to see if one pops up.