The Ace Australia Travel Guide

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Australian Road Trips

Your Australian historical road trip itinerary

Make your Australian road trip an adventure through time by visiting some of the country’s unique historical attractions. Here are a few to get you on your way. Find out more 

Off the beaten path: Perth to Geographe Bay

Don’t just drive around Perth. Make sure you get the full west coast experience by adding Geographe Bay to your road trip itinerary. Find out more 

Off the beaten path: Sydney to Shoalhaven

Are you ready to explore more of NSW? Rent a car in Sydney and head south to witness stunning coastal views on a journey to Shoalhaven. Find out more 

The 4 Australian road trips you have to tick off your bucket list

Make your next Australian road trip holiday an unforgettable one by jumping in a rental car and exploring some of these famous driving routes. Find out more 

10 awesome things to do in Australia’s cities

10 awesome things to do on the Gold Coast

The Gold Coast is chock-a-block with things to see and do. Here are 10 of them – all you need is your hire car to ensure that you see them all. Find out more 

10 awesome things to do in Adelaide

Adelaide is a fantastic, diverse place, with loads to do. Prove it to yourself by trying these top 10 activities in and around the SA capital. Find out more 

10 awesome things to do in Brisbane

Looking for things to do on your Brisbane road trip holiday? Try out these 10 awesome activities to start you off in the right direction. Find out more 

10 awesome things to do in Cairns

If you are planning an exciting road trip to Cairns, you’ll want to arm yourself with these fantastic attractions, activities and other holiday ideas. Find out more 

A quick guide to Australia’s cities

A traveller’s overview of Australia’s main cities

There are many great cities in Australia, which makes finding the right one to hire a rental car in a bit tricky. Here, we’ve outlined the main centres. Find out more 

A quick guide to: Perth

Welcome to Perth, the capital of Western Australia! with plenty of exciting day trip opportunities to try, make sure you include a few of these on your next holiday there. Find out more 

A quick guide to: The Gold Coast

For the quintessential Aussie seaside road trip holiday, look no further than Queensland’s Gold Coast region. Here’s a quick guide to the area. Find out more 

A quick guide to: Melbourne

Melbourne is an Australian state capital that holds numerous world titles declaring how awesome it is to visit. Curious? Read on. Find out more 

Things to do in Australia

50 things not to be missed in Australia

Populate your list of things to do in Australia with some of our favourite attractions around the country – both natural and man-made. Find out more 

Where to see 7 ‘big things’ of Australia

‘Big things’ make for excellent, unique photographic memories to include on your Australian road trip. Here are some of our favourites. Find out more 

Where to see Australia’s wildlife and natural attractions

4 top natural attractions along the Great Ocean Road

The Great Ocean Road is one of Australia’s most famous driving routes, here are some our top natural attractions along this road that you have to see. Find out more 

Have you taken a selfie at these iconic Australian trees?

For a unique set of Australian selfies, hire a rental car and explore to find these famous trees. Can you get a portrait with them all? Find out more 

Delve into natural Australia at its top National Parks

Australia is home to loads of national parks – far too many to list in one article. However, these are our top picks, from around the nation. Find out more 

Must do activities while travelling around Australia

Where to see Australia’s unique attractions

Australia is a vast and unique place, home to plenty of excellent attractions. Here is what you should do here to get a glimpse of the local culture. Find out more 

Ace Rental Cars’ favourite Australian beaches

With so much coastline, no Australian road trip holiday is complete without visiting some of its best beaches. Here are our favourites, which we’ve given special awards. Find out more 

Where to get your festival fix in Australia

World-class events offer a glimpse into the personality of a region, so make sure some of these festivals are on your road trip planner. Find out more 

7 of Australia’s greatest views

Make sure you bring plenty of digital memory for your cameras on your next Australian road trip holiday, as there are some truly memorable sights and scenery to behold. Find out more 

Extra information about road tripping through Australia

How to road trip around Australia … on a budget!

Just because you aren’t mega-rich doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a fun Australian road trip holiday. Here’s how to do so without overspending Find out more 

How to save on car rental on your Australian road trip

If you are planning a road trip holiday to Australia, consider these points to help you save money on your car rental. Find out more 

4 reasons you should road trip around Australia

If you’re looking for unique road trip ideas, definitely consider visiting Australia. It’s one of the most special countries on the planet Find out more 

The Aussie-English dictionary: Australian lingo definitions

Though Australians speak English, the lingo of this country is quite unlike anywhere else. Here is a quick dictionary of terms to help you on your next Aussie road trip. Find out more 

What should international tourists know before visiting Australia?

There are a few things tourists should know before taking a holiday to Australia, which will help them stay safe and comfortable. Find out more