Where to see 7 'big things' of Australia

‘Big things’ are often seen as icons of a particular town or city. They stand tall and proud, photographed by potentially thousands of tourists each year, helping attract them into the building said ‘thing’ represents.

On your next Australian road trip, there are plenty of big things that you should drive around to try and find. You never know, these could even be an excellent goal for your entire holiday – how many can you photograph?

Big Banana, Coffs Harbour, NSW

The Big Banana is the luminous yellow symbol that signals you have arrived at Coffs Harbour’s premiere water park. The attraction’s website claims it was the first of its kind in Australia, and is still widely regarded as one of the most famous. Australia Post even released a stamp with this fruity statue on it in 2007!

Big Golden Guitar, Tamworth, NSW

In NSW’s country music capital stands a shimmering musical icon, the Big Golden Guitar. It was first unveiled back in 1988 by music legend Slim Dusty, and is 12 metres tall! This is also the trophy shape for the town’s world-famous country music awards night, the Golden Guitar Awards. This event is held each year at the Country Music Festival – Australia’s largest music event.

Big Lobster, Kingston, SA

Just three hours southeast of Adelaide lies a juicy aquatic big thing, the Big Lobster. Known locally as ‘Larry’, this crustacean is 17 metres tall and 15.2 metres long, according to the local council. It is a landmark of Kingston, and is situated at a tourist complex where you can grab plenty of brochures, as well as an exquisite bite to eat in or takeaway.

Big Pineapple, Nambour, QLD

Over on the Sunshine Coast is a refreshing, tropical symbol situated in the township of Nambour: the Big Pineapple. After a dip in the local Queensland beaches, make sure to take a photo from the lookout atop this 16-metre, heritage-listed giant, and then enjoy a juicy drink at the site’s cafe.

Big Ned Kelly, Glenrowan, VIC

If you’re planning on heading northeast of Melbourne, make sure you pass through Glenrowan for a selfie with the infamous Australian figure Ned Kelly at his 6-metre statue. Glenrowan is actually the site where the Ned Kelly gang had their final shoot out with the law, leaving three of them dead, according to Australian Geographic – so there’s loads of history in the town to see as well.

The Big Orange, Monash, SA

As you explore South Australia, leave room for a fruity dessert to go alongside another big thing photo. Close to the township of Berri there stands Australia’s biggest fruit structure, the Big Orange, a 15-metre-high statue of the delicious fruit. A big orange is impressive but a cafe, souvenir shop, function room, lookout and a stunning 360 degree mural within the structure is even more impressive. Finished in 1980, the landmark is known as the “most defining” big icon of the region.