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10 Must-Visit Beaches in Perth

Considering Western Australia has a whopping 12,000 kilometres of rugged, beautiful coastline, it’s no surprise there’s also an abundance of pristine beaches to choose from. In fact, it has more beaches than any other state or territory in Australia. To help narrow down your options, we list 10 must-visit beaches close to Perth.

1. City Beach

This beach spot resides within the heart of Perth’s northern suburbs, making it popular among locals and tourists alike. Take advantage of the grass parklands and BBQ facilities along the shoreline and share an evening meal as you watch the sunset.

2. Scarborough Beach

As one of Perth’s most famous beaches, it comes with the usual strip of hotels, restaurants, ice-cream kiosks and surf shops. So, sit on the sand and people watch, have a surf, or stroll southwards to Brighton Beach should you want to escape some of the crowds.

3. Trigg Beach

If you’re looking for some of the best surf in Perth, Trigg Beach is where it’s at. Just make sure to get there early as the waves can get crowded rather quickly.

4. Port Beach

Head down to Fremantle to take advantage of this continuous, unbroken strip of sand that stretches all the way to South Cottesloe. This beach is ideal for stand-up paddle boarders, ocean swimmers and families with younger children looking to avoid breakers.

5.Rottnest Island

Hop on the 25-minute ferry from Fremantle to visit Perth’s favourite offshore island. Snap a selfie with a quokka and then take advantage of the picturesque sugar-white beaches.    

6. South Beach

With an outlying reef and two islands forming a natural breakwater, South Beach enjoys year-round calm waters. Pair this fact with the ancient coastal pines and trees casting shade over the sweeping grassy areas, and you have all the ingredients for a relaxing paradise.

7. Bathers Beach

This 300m strip of sand sits within the heart of Fremantle, making it a convenient beach spot for those strolling along the nearby boardwalk and strip of cafés and storefronts beyond.

8. Bailey Beach

This secluded little cove is one hidden gem worth the visit. The nearby reef makes it a great snorkelling spot when the waters are calling. 

9. Swanbourne Beach

This interesting beach spot has two distinct sides: the family-friendly southern beach and the clothing-optional northern beach. If you’re unsure which is which, the nude swimmers may offer some clues.    

10. Cottesloe Beach

‘Cott’, as the locals call it, rivals Scarborough Beach for Perth’s most popular strip of sand – and for good reason. The beach boasts sweeping grassy lawns, squeaky white sand and gentle, lapping waves thanks to the southern break wall.

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