Car Rental Accessories

When booking your rental car we have a few awesome accessories you can add to your car hire, items that will make life a little easier, safer and the journey around our beautiful country a lot more enjoyable and stress-free. 

Rental Car Child and Booster Seats 

Child Seat (0 - 4 years)

1 - 4 years: forward facing - Until shoulders reach the upper height markers

Booster Seat (4 - 7 years)

It must be used in seating positions equipped with lap and shoulder belts

This is only a recommendation, each child is different. Always follow the manufacturer instructions.

Aud$6.00 per day which is capped at 5 days

Take some of the stress out of driving, enjoy the journey and add a GPS to your car hire and never get lost again.

A portable GPS unit with voice and visual turn-by-turn directions saves you time and stress. It is very user-friendly and it comes in multiple languages.

Book a set today and we’ll have them fitted and ready for you.

Aud$10 per day

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