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Besides the many quips about the ever-changing weather, Melbourne is known for its healthy dose of great coffee, it’s hip laneways and diverse culture. The diversity is what makes Melbourne the perfect holiday destination, with something for everyone no matter what their tastes are.


Melbourne Airport information

Where is the branch located?

Our Melbourne Airport branch is located at 16 Tarmac Drive, Tullamarine 3043, Melbourne Airport, and is a 15-minute drive from International and Domestic terminals.

Location Cleaning

All locations maintain regular, scheduled cleaning of the workplace for the safety of our staff and customers. A disinfectant spray or appropriate disinfectant solution is used to wipe down counters, and frequently touched surfaces at the location regularly.

Vehicle Cleaning

All our vehicles go through a rigorous, multi-step cleaning process for each rental, ensuring all areas of the vehicles are cleaned and with extra attention paid to frequented used areas of the vehicle.

Your Melbourne Airport Destination Guide

Planning a trip to Melbourne? The city is home to cultural and historic landmarks, state-of-the-art galleries and exciting seasonal exhibits and installations. There's so much to do here so we’ve picked a list of must-see destinations across the city and beyond. Find out more  about our top spots to visit below:

  • Melbourne City
  • Great Ocean Road

Coffee, Culture and More of Melbourne

Melbourne City Attractions

The heart of Melbourne lies in the Central Business District itself. With a unique grid system and plenty of parking, it’s easy to zip around the city in an Ace rental car. Walk through the city and discover an array of shopping and dining options as well as impressive murals and hidden bars within the historic laneways - just remember to designate a responsible driver when bar-hopping.

While you’re here, take a stroll from Flinders Street Station along the Princes Bridge that overlooks the landmark Yarra River. Spot the Arts Precinct and browse the National Gallery of Victoria or explore the spire-shaped Arts Centre. Entertainment seekers can take a ride on an iconic Melbourne tram to  The District Docklands where there’s an ice-skating rink, restaurants and gaming complex. 

If you’re visiting during footy season, catch an AFL game at the renowned Melbourne Cricket Ground, just like a local! Plenty of tourists and visitors from across the country head to the MCG to watch their favourite teams play off in the iconic Melbourne stadium. 

Melbourne Cafes and Restaurants

Known for its coffee culture and diverse cuisine, it’s an excellent idea to try out the culinary delights while you’re in Melbourne. There’s a long list of cafes, restaurants and bars in the Central Business District to choose from with cuisines ranging from Asian to Middle-Eastern to Mediterranean. We recommend a visit to these two Melbourne institutions; 

  • Brunetti Classico-a to-go or dine in cafe restaurant in Carlton offering traditional Italian coffee and cakes
  • Lune Croissanterie-a popular bakery dedicated to the flaky French pastry

With dishes from all over the world, there’s plenty of choices for food no matter what you’re in the mood for. Plus, there are heaps of vegetarian, vegan and allergy-friendly options all across the city. If you’re after cheap and cheerful options, the city will leave you spoilt for choice too. Try Soi 38 for Thai, Shanghai Street for dumplings or CDMX  for tacos. 

Plan Your Journey Along the Great Ocean Road

Great Ocean Road

  • 9.5 hour scenic road trip
  • Ocean views
  • Attractions and landmarks along the way
  • Accommodation available

If you love a good road trip, the Great Ocean Road is a stand out-scenic drive that takes you along the South-West coast of the state. From Torquay to Warrnambool, you can take in majestic views of the Southern Ocean as the road bends over cliffs and snakes through coastal towns. Looking for things to do on the way? Chocolate lovers can head to the Great Ocean Road Chocolaterie & Ice Creamery for yummy desserts and a behind-the-scenes look at how their chocolate is made. There’s also the Split Point Lighthouse on the Shipwreck Coast in Aireys Inlet where the Australian television show ‘Round the Twist’ was filmed. 

The main attraction along the Great Ocean Road are the spectacular 12 Apostles. There’s a lookout where you can witness the breathtaking view of the limestone stacks that stand up to 45 metres tall. The highlight of your Great Ocean Road adventure will not only be the sights and scenes along the way but also the memories of the journey in the car whether it's with friends, family or solo. The whole drive takes about 9.5 hours, but you cut it short or extend it depending on your travel plans - we recommend stopping by the seaside towns of Torquay or Lorne if you’re planning on staying the night, both of which offer a range of accommodations.

A city known for its multiculturalism and diversity, there’s an adventure to be had around every corner of Melbourne and beyond. Whether you’re venturing down the graffitied laneways, overlooking the city from the Melbourne Skydeck or discovering what the rest of the state has to offer, do it all at your pace in an Ace rental car. 

Melbourne Travel Guides & Road Trips

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Australian Car Hire Locations

We have rental car locations all over Australia and New Zealand so no matter where you plan to pick up your car rental or drop off your rental car we will be able to accommodate your needs, our locations are all open 7 days a week and with arrangement offer after-hours Rental car pickups and drop-offs.

Travelling Safely Around Australia

Driving in Australia is a fantastic way to see this beautiful country. You can go where you want, when you want, at your own pace and with peace of mind. If you have not driven in Australia before it is important that you are familiar with the rules and regulations of our roads, as well as the distances between top tourist locations. The driving distance calculator table will assist to decide where to go, and how long it will take you.

Before you get started on your driving holiday please make sure you make yourself aware of these tips to ensure you are fully prepared for your journey.

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