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Ace Your Road Trip: Our Best Tips and Hacks

Embarking on a road trip adventure involves more than just hitting the open road - it requires planning and preparation to set you up for the trip of a lifetime. From researching your rental car to planning your route, discover how to maximise your road trip experience in our guide below.

  • Research Your Rental Car
  • Prepare and Plan
  • Comfort Matters
  • Maximise Your Road Trip

Research Your Rental Car

Arguably the most important part of your road trip, your rental car is there to ensure you have a seamless ride from start to finish. When organising your holiday, it’s essential to choose the type of rental car that’ll best suit your adventure. Planning lots of city driving? Consider a small and compact vehicle. Driving through windy mountains and along bumpy roads? An SUV or 4WD covers all the bases. At Ace, we offer everything from standard vehicles to eight-seater vans to suit every journey. Once you’ve decided which hire car is right for you, it’s time to book your pickup. Research the closest rental location to where you’ll be starting your trip - with over ten Ace branches across the country, you can pick up and drop off your hire vehicle with ease. Remember to book your airport shuttle in advance via our portal so that once you touch down, all you have to do is grab your bags, hop on board, and have your rental car waiting for you.

Prepare and Plan

Once you’ve decided where you’ll be travelling to, it’s time to plan out your route. To find the best way to get where you’re going, consider checking online forums from those who’ve taken the same route and keep an eye out for any recommendations. When driving for long periods, stopovers don’t have to be boring. Planning ahead can mean weaving interesting and exciting stopovers into your route; for example, if travelling between Sydney and Brisbane, consider a stop at ‘The Big Banana’ in Coffs Harbour on your way.

Did you know: Australia has over 150 ‘big’ roadside attractions, with ‘The Big Pineapple’, ‘The Big Kangaroo’ and ‘The Big Cane Toad’ being among the most iconic. Have you considered any that might be on your bucket list?

Print out your itinerary and any tickets or passes you’ll need throughout your journey. Keeping a printed set of essential booking information with you will come in handy if any technical troubles arise, or if you can’t find your confirmation documents online. Let your emergency contacts back home know of your route, where you’re staying and when, and keep in touch with family and friends throughout to tell them about your trip and let them know you’re safe. If you’re travelling through the Australian Outback, you’ll probably encounter areas with limited signal and reception. Download map routes on your phone before your trip or consider adding a GPS unit to your rental car booking to make sure you stay on course.

Comfort Matters

Since you’ll be spending a lot of time in your car, investing in things to make your road trip more comfortable is well worth it. Seat cushions and neck pillows can help with back and neck pain when driving for long hours, and blankets are a great addition if you’re planning to get some rest in your car. Pack comfortable clothes - because no one wants to drive in tight jeans - and wear your comfiest socks and shoes for your drive to make the trip as pleasant as possible. Aside from personal comforts, keep travel essentials like an emergency first-aid kit on hand at all times. Stock up on any medication you may require - a headache is the last thing you want on a long road trip - and keep sunscreen and bug spray on hand, especially when travelling in summer. Bring some snacks and drinks for the ride to stay hydrated and energised so you can keep focused on the road. If you're travelling for long hours remember to take breaks in between - stopping at least every two hours is recommended. Something as simple as bringing an item from your home like a blanket or photo can also help you feel at ease when travelling to a new place.

Maximise Your Road Trip

Elevate your road trip adventure by bringing along a journal, scrapbook or diary to document your travels. If you love to post content online, consider researching travel blog ideas - you could create a video channel account to upload vlogs from your adventure or create an online blog where you write about your trip. Pick up postcards along your journey and use them to jot down a memory or experience from that particular place. Look up travel forums online and suggest places to visit for other tourists, comment on discussion boards and leave reviews of restaurants you dine at and accommodations you stay at. To add another element to your trip, consider theming your holiday. For example, if you’re travelling across the Great Ocean Road, make it your goal to discover the best coastal beaches, or turn your trip into a food and wine tour, reviewing the best places to eat and drink along your route.

With preparation and a sense of adventure, your road trip can be an unforgettable experience. Take our handy tips into account so that when you set off on your getaway, you’re well-prepared and ready for everything the journey has to offer.

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