Definition of Damage

Ace Rental Cars operates a fair wear and tear policy in line with the Australian Finance Industry Association Code of Practice.

For your benefit we have defined what constitutes damage.

Please check vehicle’s condition against the “Pre-existing Condition Notes” listed in your Rental Agreement. If there are discrepancies please see an Ace representative and we will update our records accordingly.

You are invited to take a time-stamped photograph of the relevant pre-existing damage before leaving the rental location or, if poor weather conditions or bad light, you can take a photograph within 60 minutes of leaving the rental locations and show an Ace representative on return.

Ask a staff member about the Optional Renter Protection Packages available before leaving the Ace Carpark.

Cover is not applicable for any damage caused due to gross negligence or intentional damage. Refer to full Terms and Conditions on


Vehicle Bodywork

  • Scratch/Scrape over 20mm in long and over 1mm wide with paint surface penetration.
  • Dent over 20mm diameter or paint surface penetration or multiple dents.
  • Bumper scratch/scrape over 20mm in diameter with paint surface penetration. This is exclusive of rear bumper damage caused by the removal of items from boot/trunk.
  • Lower front bumper scuffing or scrapes above the first 50mm of the lower front bumper or above the lower front bumper first crease line.


  • Repair where a repair is possible (i.e. the tyre has not been run on a flat) only the tyre repair excess will be charged.
  • Excess where tyre repair is not possible a replacement tyre (incl. fitting) will be charged.
  • Tyre damage is unrepairable punctures. Tyre tread and sidewall damage that is not roadworthy e.g. cuts, bulges, gouges and abrasions. Tyre misuse e.g. flat spots and burnouts.

Glass and Tyre pricing can be found in the FAQs section on

Ancillary Components

  • Damage to mirrors.
  • Damage to lights including: chips, holes, scratches and cracks.
  • Wheel trims cracked, broken, missing, mismatched or not original.
  • Damage to alloy wheels. Prestige and Collection Vehicles Scuffs over 20mm, long, cracked, buckled, gouged, mismatched or not original. Standard Vehicles Cracked, buckled, gouged, mismatched or not original.

Vehicle Interior

  • Any missing original equipment as noted.
  • Trim damage or missing parts of the interior trim.
  • Upholstery burns, cuts, stains or tears to the seats, carpets, roof lining and material in the glove box/boot.
  • Excessively dirty or smelly vehicle.


  • Repair between 2mm to 20mm in primary vision area (PVA) only.
  • Replace over 2mm in critical vision area (CVA) edge of screen (90mm for top & sides, 65mm from bottom) and over 20mm in primary vision area (PVA).

In the Event of an Accident

Refer to full terms and conditions on to complete the online vehicle condition report form.



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