Memory Making Car Hire

Sometimes it's not where you go, it's who you go with.

Australia is a remarkable country packed with remarkable experiences. So don't worry about which direction you're heading, just grab the people you care about and hit the road. Go on, make some memories!

You won't remember the weekends wasted folding laundry and doing the supermarket shopping. What you will remember are the picnics on the beach, sunsets from the lookout, walks in the bush. these are the memories that stay, so grab one of our four-wheeled memory machines and get away!

The impromptu 3-day weekend

Don't wait patiently for a national holiday to get away. go now and have the road, beaches and trails all to yourself. 

In a chaotic world, you and your loved ones need a little memory making time. So stop banking up your leave for a holiday that seems so far away. Trade in a little now and hit the road. You'll come back Tuesday feeling refreshed and ready for a short week. 

Go on, that little bach by the sea is calling your name

Rent The Experience

A rental car’s a rental car. A moving metallic shell capable of travelling at relatively high speeds from one point to another, safely harbouring people and said people’s material goods en route. It’s a means of getting from A to B, a functional requirement, a literal rental vehicle to something much bigger. A rental car experience.

An experience is something that helps to define us, that inspires us, that makes us more alive, more human. It’s a breath of mountain fresh air. The feel of a wind on our face. The filtered orange glow of a breaking dawn. The pulse-racing rush of adrenaline, the quivering anticipation of a journey unknown.

An experience is something that validates our sense of who we are. It becomes weaved into the fabric of our existence. It can be brought to mind on a whim to help us escape to a better time. It lives on in us. Forever.

Ace Rentals Cars. Rent the experience.

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