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Ace Rental Cars' favourite Australian beaches

No Australian road trip holiday is complete without pulling up to one of its glistening shorelines, running down to the water and diving into the waves. Or jumping on a surfboard. Or sunbathing. Or picnicking. You get the idea – beaches are awesome.

To help you figure out which beaches are the best to visit in Oz, we’ve compiled this list of awards for some of our favourites. Read on to find out who made the cut!

Most popular beach in Australia

If you see lots of people enjoying a particular attraction, there’s a good chance that it’s amazing. So where is the most popular? Bondi Beach, Sydney, takes the award home.

According to Destination NSW, out of every single international visitor to Sydney in the past three years – of which there was over 6 million – around 43 per cent swung by Bondi. This meant there was an annual average of over 1 million visitors spending time at this fantastic beach!

Just take a look at the sparkling water, rolling waves and surrounding cafe, shopping and nightlife and you’ll instantly see why.

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The ideal surfing beach

Most beaches around Australia’s over 59,000 kilometres-worth of coastline have some degree of surfing excellence, so there is no ‘best’ as such. However, one location is considered above others as the home of the sport here.

Torquay is the place to go for an Aussie surfing experience, as it is the location where big brands such as Billabong, Quicksilver and Rip Curl made their start. Be sure to stop by Bells Beach, one of the nation’s top spots, and the host to the famous Rip Curl Pro event.

The ideal swimming beach

Much like surfing here in Oz, the best swimming beach is hard to define. However, there can only be one winner. One of our favourite spots to splash about is Noosa Main Beach on the Sunshine Coast.

As one of the few north-facing beaches in the country, Noosa Main Beach has sheltered, safe water – free from large waves that might hamper a relaxing jaunt about the ocean surface. Even better, this fantastic place is patrolled by lifeguards every day of the year, so you can feel even safer.

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Ace Rental Cars ‘hidden gem’ award

Sometimes, to get the best experience, you need to go a little out of your way. With an unlimited-kilometres rental car, this won’t be a problem at all – so you can visit our favourite ‘hidden gem’ swimming and camping spot: Lucky Bay.

Drive southeast of Perth to Cape le Grand National Park, near Esperance, and you’ll find this secluded spot a stunning walk along the spectacular Coastal Trail, which runs from the end of Cape le Grand Road right around to Rossiter Bay (Lucky Bay being around halfway).

There are camping areas right on the sands, and you can even spot grey kangaroos sunning themselves in the area.

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Most romantic beach

Of course, beaches aren’t always ideal for casual swimming or participating in aquatic sports. Indeed, who hasn’t heard the cliche dating site description of loving ‘romantic strolls on the beach’, generally under moonlight.

If you’re strapped for South Australian romantic activity ideas, head over to Glenelg Beach in Adelaide.

There is an abundance of nature here, with dolphins playing in the waters of Gulf St Vincent a common sight. Make sure you visit just before sunset to get the most romance out of your trip here, as this beach has one of the best in the country. This will occur as early as just after 5 p.m. during winter, or more toward 8.30 p.m. in summer.

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Rent The Experience

A rental car’s a rental car. A moving metallic shell capable of travelling at relatively high speeds from one point to another, safely harbouring people and said people’s material goods en route. It’s a means of getting from A to B, a functional requirement, a literal vehicle to something much bigger. An experience.

An experience is something that helps to define us, that inspires us, that makes us more alive, more human. It’s a breath of mountain fresh air. The feel of a wind on our face. The filtered orange glow of a breaking dawn. The pulse-racing rush of adrenaline, the quivering anticipation of a journey unknown.

An experience is something that validates our sense of who we are. It becomes weaved into the fabric of our existence. It can be brought to mind on a whim to help us escape to a better time. It lives on in us. Forever.

Ace Rentals Cars. Rent the experience.

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